Head-to-Head scoring coming to Ottoneu Fantasy Baseball in 2018

Will there be an option for divisions?

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Yes, you can have 2 or 3 divisions and you can re-align them in the off-season.


Is H2H available yet? Am I missing something on the league creation page?

No - I’m putting the finishing touches on all the settings. It should be available very soon. You can create a league now and switch to H2H once the game mode is live.


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Is the innings minimum of 60 and roster changes of 2SP/5RP finalized for H2H matchups? Everywhere I’ve read it’s still 5SP/5RP but with an innings max

There is no innings minimum or maximum in H2H.

There will be 2SP slots for H2H leagues.

When you say “everywhere I’ve read” what specifically are you referring to?

The Rules page says 5/5 an we’re mid-draft, which is going to impact how we draft moving forward.

I haven’t updated the rules pages yet, but the Roster Organizer in H2H leagues should reflect the lineup slots. I know lineup pages do, for those leagues that have drafted already.

It’s all good and thanks for the help. Just didn’t realize the difference.

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Commish for 2nd year beginner league. Couple of quick questions.

Lineups page doesn’t show who the matchup is for week 1, or a matchup schedule. Will there be some sort of side by side matchup page? Will there be a schedule so we can see the matchups going forward?

I understand the 2SP slots, no min or max innings pitched for each week. Is there still a 1500 total innings pitched limit for the season?

Just passing on some league questions I wasn’t sure enough to answer myself. Thank you for doing this!

Three posts up:

This includes season-long limits as well as matchup-long.

I’ll make sure the top post of this thread reflects the game / inning limit conversation that’s been had on the forums.

Matchups should be coming next week - I was hoping to get them out earlier, but I’m still tweaking the scheduling system. I plan on having a schedule page and the current scoreboard on the homepage as well.

That is what I thought, just wanted to be sure. Thank you.

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Given that H2H is new this year, can anyone confirm that the positional game limits still apply to those league formats?

Confirmed in this post.

Hey there, I’ve played fantasy baseball for 16 years and this is my first year trying Otteneu. While I read through the rules and several Otteneu articles in preparation for my draft, there was nothing indicating only 2 SP spots would be available each day in H2H. It was only after the first session of our inaugural league draft that this became clear. Had I known this, my draft strategy would have been much different.

As it stands, on opening day I will have to sit one of Scherzer/Severino/C. Mart. I understand wanting to prevent streaming, but I feel like this is a bad way to do it. I chose to invest pretty heavily in a top of the line rotation only to find out that I may not get to start my aces every time they pitch. I play in another league where each roster typically carries 6-8 SPs, and there is usually one day per week where at least three of those pitchers overlap. Over the course of a season, that’s a lot of lost points, especially if your strategy is to spend on elite pitching. Every league I’v played in has had at least 5 spots (either SP or P) where an SP could be started, and each has had either an innings cap or weekly starts limits to preventing streaming. Both work well.

I know I’m not the first to bring this up, but I’m wondering if a change could be made so those of us who spent $ on elite pitching won’t lose out on points. Is it possible to switch to an innings cap before the season begins? I’ve seen 60IP/week thrown out there and think it makes perfect sense.

Thanks for your consideration. I really look forward to the Otteneu challenge.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge that other sites have glitches with the starts and IP limits. These are a problem. There are days where teams can go into Sunday having used 6 of 7 available starts and then have 4 SPs pitch that day. In my ESPN league, we prevented intentional streaming by limiting the number of transactions allowed. While teams will naturally have those 3-4 start days a few times per year, nobody streams pitchers because the transactions are too valuable.

I’m no tech guru and don’t understand the intricacies of programming, but isn’t there a way to have stats stop accumulating once a 60IP limit has been reached? Again, maybe this is much harder to do, but I honestly wouldn’t know.