Head-to-Head scoring coming to Ottoneu Fantasy Baseball in 2018

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Nope, game limits won’t be changing for any position. You do bring up a good point and I’ll consider it when figuring out how to proceed with point 3 above.


Alright, sounds good. Thanks for considering that. I would imagine if there is only one spot for C that you would basically have to roster three C’s in order to meet the 162 games though, which is kinda suboptimal. However, it does eliminate the ability for someone to not roster a C at all for some of the season.


My personal opinion is that 2-C H2H leagues would be less messy than 1-C standard leagues, if the choice is only between one or the other. Not to mention that standard leagues will (presumably) still be the core Ottoneu product, and it seems odd to alter that formula because of H2H. I am excited about H2H and will roll with it either way, JMHO.


Seems my point 3 above gave the impression it would have to be one way or another for technical reasons. For this I apologize! When I was writing out that post, I was thinking about the point @murph3699 made and mulling over how 2 C slots allow teams to game that slot and only roster Cs for half the season in current season-long formats. So, I was just thinking “maybe I should rip off this band-aid completely”.

I am leaning towards 1 C for H2H and 2 C for season-long formats (roto/points), because in the last couple of hours I’ve gotten less annoyed about gaming 2 C slots. :slight_smile:


I personally want you to stay less annoyed about the two C slots for roto/points… Haha.


I’m a little disappointed in the pitcher restriction but over all I’m happy with the H2H format coming to Ottoneu.


shh that was between us


Really? Sorry. Didn’t mean to blow up your spot lol


No not at all, it’s been a long weird day and I’m making zany jokes :slight_smile:


We are going to stick with 1 C slots in H2H formats and 2 C slots in roto and season-long points.

For leagues that opt-in to playoffs, you will have 1 C slot in your playoff matchups.


Will there be an option for divisions?


Yes, you can have 2 or 3 divisions and you can re-align them in the off-season.


Is H2H available yet? Am I missing something on the league creation page?


No - I’m putting the finishing touches on all the settings. It should be available very soon. You can create a league now and switch to H2H once the game mode is live.


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Is the innings minimum of 60 and roster changes of 2SP/5RP finalized for H2H matchups? Everywhere I’ve read it’s still 5SP/5RP but with an innings max


There is no innings minimum or maximum in H2H.

There will be 2SP slots for H2H leagues.

When you say “everywhere I’ve read” what specifically are you referring to?


The Rules page says 5/5 an we’re mid-draft, which is going to impact how we draft moving forward.


I haven’t updated the rules pages yet, but the Roster Organizer in H2H leagues should reflect the lineup slots. I know lineup pages do, for those leagues that have drafted already.