Help! Draft says its completed (scheduled for tonight!)

We have our first draft tonight…however, under my commish settings it says the draft was completed already. I cannot figure out how to change this. Any help?!

Sure, no problem. Let me know what your league ID is and I’ll mark it as ‘uncompleted’.

Oh thank you! I also de-selected myself as commissioner, can you help with that too?! the league is Valar Dohaeris

I de-selected in my angst to fix the draft…

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Ok I Think we got you all set:

Draft should show as “not started yet”

Deep State is a commissioner once again.

you are a savior

Can you confirm all this is true first before you start throwing around compliments? :slight_smile:

The draft is back, but Deep State does not seem to be reinstated as commish yet.

I am logging out and back in

Should be all good now

Yup! Thanks, Niv!

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Real quick, is the draft time I set native to my timezone? Will it show correctly to everyone else respective of their time zone?

All times on Ottoneu sites are Eastern Time. They show up in Eastern Time regardless of where you are located.

Okay, thanks. See previous compliment.

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