How do Game 163s (or more!) affect Ottoneu Fantasy Baseball?

As mentioned in this thread:

Game 163s and on are sometimes required to sort out who makes the MLB playoffs. These games WILL NOT count in H2H leagues or leagues that are in playoffs. H2H games have a set schedule and will not be extended into Monday, etc in the case of Game 163s.

These games will affect season-long points and roto leagues, and will extend the deadline to start auctions and make waiver claims. They are regular-season games and will extend the Ottoneu Fantasy Baseball season.

I see that potential playoff games will count towards season long 5x5 stats. The current 162 games played limit will not be affected though, right? Probably a dumb question but I just want to make sure.

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Correct, there won’t be a change to season-long game limits.

So just to clarify — if I’ve already met my 162 game limit for the season in a position, I will not get stats from Game 163 if I start a player in that position?

This is correct


I accidentally left Braun in my lineup in addition to Yelich. I’m at 809 OF games. Obviously I only wanted Yelich in there. WHICH ONE COUNTS???

In this scenario, the site will pick which one counts based on which player it locks first. It’s non-deterministic, basically. So, good luck times two today.

I’ll address this in a separate post in the off-season, but next year expect a lot clearer messaging around game limits and a more deterministic method of handling your lineups as you get closer to hitting game limits.

Bumping this thread in light of the potential for games on Monday, September 28. Those games will count for roto and season-long points and will not count for H2H or leagues with playoffs.

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Bumping this with the potential for game 163 in NL West division or AL Wildcard.

How are claims affected? If a player is cut in the last day of the season (Sunday) can you check the claim box? And if a 163 is needed would that be processed on Monday?

This is from the original post.