How does scheduling H2H matchups and playoffs work?

How does scheduling H2H matchups and playoffs work? I can see some options for playoffs, but nothing for scheduling? Switching from season long points to H2H matchups in 2022.

There aren’t any scheduling options. If you enable playoffs, your regular season ends the day before the first Monday in September. If you do not enable playoffs, your season goes as long as any season-long league.

The playoff options are written out on the rules page:

Let me know if you have any specific questions.

Oh I should mention that there is one scheduling option, which is the number of matchups you choose to have each week. You only have to set your lineup once to use the same lineup across all your games for the week, and this lessens the variance inherent to H2H. For example if you have a high scoring week and only one matchup and your opponent happens to be the only team that scored more than you that week, you’d go 0-1 instead of 3-1 with a hypothetical 4 matchups per week.

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How do you determine who plays who?

The system generates a schedule automatically based on the number of teams in your league. It tries to make sure everyone plays each other the same number of times, etc.

I see. Is there any situation where it’s an uneven number of matchups?

Does number of matchups a week mean that you’re playing mutiple matchups at the same time or is the week split up into small individual matchups throughout the week?

It depends on the MLB season but I believe the season is usually 26 weeks.

For multiple matchups questions check out this thread: