Multiple matchups per week available for H2H leagues

This setting is now available under commissioner tools.


If our league schedule has already been generated is it possible to regenerate a schedule to switch to multiple per week matchups?

Not only possible, it will be actively done once multiple matchups are fully implemented. I worked fast to get the settings up, and now am doing the harder work fully implementing the multiple matchup system. Once it is released I’ll announce it here and make sure schedules that need to be regenerated are regenerated.

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Amazing - thanks for all your hard work getting this up and running!!

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Question about the multiple week matchups for H2H. For example, if we switched to 4 teams per matchup, would there be one win or three potential wins per week?

If you have 4 matchups a week, each team will play 4 games every week. They can go anywhere from 0-4 to 4-0. They won’t play any team twice in a week and I’m determining if it makes sense to tilt those games towards divisional or not.

Does that help?

Yes, perfect thanks. If you could tilt towards division I would prefer, but not a huge deal.

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I’d prefer that as well:

2 matchups: 1 division 1 not
4 matchups: 2 division 2 not

But this is a question for my ability to build this more than anything else right now.

Thanks my league was heavily in favor of the 4 matchups. However you can build.

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“Teams will only set one lineup, but if they have 2 or 4 matchups that lineup will go against 2 or 4 teams each week instead of having a single game.”

To be clear that still means daily lineups can be set and changed; just that you only set one lineup that is compared to 1 or 2 or 4 other teams to determine win/loss for the week? NOT that you are moving H2H to weekly locked lineups?

Correct. Daily lineups, only have to manage one daily lineup.

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Forgive if this has been answered somewhere else- but search best leads here, so clarification would be helpful. If we have adjusted our league to multiple matchups per week (I’m in one with 2 and one with 4), when should we expect to see the matchups reflected on the league schedule page? Right nwo we are still only seeing one matchup in both leagues.

Once I get it done :slight_smile:

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More seriously, the schedule generation is working and I am just making sure you’re not all overwhelmed by 20+ games on your league home pages before rolling things out. I expect new schedules to be generated today or tomorrow.

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Thank you for all you do Niv!

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Schedules are being generated right now. If you see any issues, i.e. not the right number of games or playing the same team multiple times in a week or anything like that, let me know.

There should be a slight favoring of divisional opponents vs non-divisional opponents, but schedules are not truly unbalanced.

It’s been brought to my attention that the current schedules are a little too unbalanced. I’ve made some fixes to the schedule generator to make the schedule more balanced and new schedules will be released overnight.

How it works h2h points 4 matchup / 10 gs pitchers a week and advantages if there is.

This thread speaks to multiple matchups.

This thread speaks to the GS cap: Summary of New per matchup GS Cap league option for 2019 season

Hope that helps!

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