Seeking clarification about matchups per week in H2H, newbie at h2h

Hello. I have read Multiple matchups per week available for H2H leagues and How does scheduling H2H matchups and playoffs work? - #3 by nivshah but I’m still a little confused.

I think I’m getting tripped up with the term “game” being used. Does game = a weeklong matchup with an opponent?

In other words, the settings state: “This sets the number of games each team will play each week in your league.” But to help me understand, could I swap in “opponent” mentally? Like, “This sets the number of OPPONENTS each team will play each week in your league.”.

Correct. Each game is a matchup against a unique opponent so that substitution works.

Ok. And, for a week we play the number of MLB games scheduled for our players, earning points the whole week, and then whoever earned more cumulative points “wins” that week?

Yeah you just set your daily lineups like normal.


Last question. For league 750, I think matchups per week as 1 or 4 would work… But probably not 2, right? Because with 2, we’re talking little “scrums” of 3 opponents competing… Which wouldn’t sum well up to total owners. Do you agree?

Well, I’m not 100% sure. Team 1 could play teams 2 and 3, but team 3 does not necessarily play team 2.

Oh, I see. Thanks!

I gotta explain everything to my extremely deliberate group, so thanks for helping me think it through.

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I believe once you draft you should be able to change some of those settings if you don’t like how one of the schedules works out.