How does the offseason work?

As we leave the allocation period and begin to decide whom to keep, I assume most teams wait until the last minute to declare their keepers. During allocation I can change my allocations until the deadline but during the next phase If I drop a guy he’s gone forever and no other team can pick him up. Only trades and drops are allowed. Am I correct?

I’m having a hard time understanding how these two ideas are related.

Right now it is arbitration. Arbitrattion goes final on November 15 - you’ll see increases to player salaries, etc.

Then it is the offseason. This has nothing to do with increasing salaries or anything like that. You can cut players or you can trade them. Teams cannot start auctions or make waiver claims. This is, again, completely separate and unrelated to changing how you are handling arbitration until the arbitration deadline.

I was also thrown for a loop by your original topic title, “Production”, which seems like a totally unrelated concept to any of this.

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There’s no need to declare keepers, everyone on your roster is automatically kept unless you drop or trade them.

There’s no reason to wait to drop really obvious cuts if you’re ready to see them off your roster. Generally, though, you never know who on your team gets trade interest, so waiting until the last day-ish to make cuts is what most people do.

Cuts are permanent. If you haven’t yet, you can use the Roster Organizer link in the menu to move around your team to do hypothetical adds/drops/trades to see what your team looks like. Nothing on the Roster Organizer actually happens, it’s more like a place to test out different scenarios and decisions to see how they look.


Making cuts periodically helps trigger action in the long offseason. Folks get an email notification and it reminds them to login and check out the landscape. (I do this as a commish, my goal isn’t gleaning some little advantage, its 100% participation)

Without fail, if folks wait, somebody will forget. Then you will get a sob story and have to fix their team for them. And then they win, they literally gained an advantage.

Here’s our league policy:

Same goes for keeper selection, if you wait until the last second (trying to glean some advantage…) don’t bother giving me a sob story, you will be faced with 2 options. Accept Ottoneu’s automatic post-deadline cap penalties, or get replaced.

I’ve had to cut players late for people who have told me directly they wait until the last minute to gain advantages. I’d say wait at your own peril.

Also, the more players that become available, the more players that will continue to become available. I’m pretty sure there is math somewhere to prove this…


Thanks to Leif and sakhiel, This is the info I was looking for.