How long does the Penalty-Free Round of cuts last?

Hey all,
I’m excited to finally join the Ottoneu community! I took over a team in a 5x5 league. How long can I take to consider my free round of cuts before submitting them? We have the auction draft in a couple weeks.

Whenever you press the “cut” button for the first time, you will get those cuts penalty-free. There is no time limit, just the “action” limit, if that makes sense.

Maybe reach out to your league / commissioner to see how they’d like to proceed?

Niv’s right about needing to make all your cuts at once, of course.

But I would add that in order to allow enough time for the other owners in your league to do adequate draft prep you should make your cuts as soon as you feel you can. It is good etiquette. Your commish may have an idea of a fair deadline, if you need one- definitely a nice gesture to reach out and offer, if you haven’t already.

Nothing makes me crazier than doing a bunch of draft prep and then having a owner drop and suddenly get another round of cuts that change the free agent market. Especially if the cuts come at the last minute before the draft.


I had a long-time football home league that was a keeper/auction format. Guys would announce cuts AT THE LIVE AUCTION. No one seemed to understand why that drove me crazy. Impossible to account for inflation when you don’t even know who is kept/available until the moment you draft.

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Yeah I’d advocate for posting on the league message board and asking what everyone finds to be acceptable. You’ll get the added bonus of being considered reasonable and thoughtful towards everyone else in your league, which is a huge competitive advantage in terms of deal-making.

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