How much ground can be made up?

I need some real talk: how much ground can realistically be made up at this point of the Ottoneu baseball season (FG points – no payout), all else being equal (none of the teams I’m trailing being way above their GP / IP limits). It’s been a dog fight for the top 4 spots but I’ve gone from third place and about 300 - 400 back to now 4th place and 600 points back. I’ve had a rule of thumb that making up 100 points a week is doable but now I’m starting to think I’ve run out of time, not to mention having three teams to climb over. I’ve been a buyer this past month, but now think it might be time to move to selling mode. Give it one more week or accept my fate and sell? Real talk me.

Last season, with 2 weeks left, I made up 489 points (FGPTS) and went from 5th place to 1st place at 1:00 pm on the final day of the season. Unfortunately, the main team I was chasing made up a bunch of ground and passed me with 50 points to spare in the late games on that day. I came in 2nd. But I did go from 5th to 1st and made up nearly 500 points in 2 weeks.

That said, I have had other seasons where once I was 1,000 points back, it was a lost cause.

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