How to get the most out of the Ottoneu Community

As some of you might know, the Ottoneu Community forums don’t let you do everything right away. We have a concept of trust levels that give visitors more access as they become regulars here. I’ve made some changes to make it much easier to move up in trust levels, and this post will show you what they are, why you should care, and how you can move up in trust levels easily.

NEW USERS (Trust level 0)

Brand new users get a trust level of 0. There are currently 581/1068 community users with this trust level. This users cannot mention other users in posts, send private messages to other users, put attachments on posts, and if they post to the site, their posts will be flagged for approval by a moderator. So, for example if you visit the community site as a TL0 in order to request a player be added to the player universe, it won’t show up as a request until I get around to approving the post. Kind of limiting! The good news, is that it is easy to break out of TL0 and get to TL1.

BASIC USERS (Trust Level 1)

407/1068 community users are trust level 1. They have none of the restrictions listed above. How did they become TL1? By doing all the following steps:

  1. They entered one ‘topic’
  2. They read 3 posts.
  3. They were on the site for 5 minutes

One might ask how anyone stays at TL0.

However, TL1 users still have some limitations. They are limited in how many ‘Likes’ they can give out in a day and they can’t turn 1 on 1 private messages into group private messages. Most importantly, they aren’t TL2 or TL3 yet, which is where the good stuff starts.


Members can basically do it all, though they have a couple of limitations compared to TL3. They can get their whole league into a private message chain, they have even more ‘Likes’ to give out - they are a full-fledged member of the community and earn a sweet badge as a result. Becoming TL2 is actually pretty easy, once you are TL1.

  1. Enter 5 topics
  2. Read 10 posts
  3. Spend 30 minutes on the site
  4. Visit the site on 5 days
  5. This is the limitation most people run into - you have to reply to 2 threads.

Currently only 71 users are TL2. If the benefits of TL2 don’t sound super exciting, just remember it is a stepping stone to TL3.

VIPs (TL3)

This is where it gets good. There is a VIP Lounge section of the site that is hidden to anyone below TL3. I have recently shared plans for some product updates and solicited some feedback in this section, and I plan on using it more to reach out to the true Ottoneu power users. VIPs also can slowly become moderators - they can help clarify topic titles, they can flag posts of new users that go directly to the moderation queue, and they have even more Likes they can give out on a daily basis. The VIP Lounge alone I think makes this trust level worth it.

Once you are TL2, all you need to do to become a VIP is:

  1. Visit the site 15 days out of the past 30
  2. Reply to 5 topics in the past 30 days
  3. Visit 20% of topics created in the past 30 days with a cap of 10
  4. Read 10% of posts created in the past 30 days with a cap of 20
  5. Read 25 topics ever
  6. Read 50 posts ever

If you do these things, you’ll be a TL3 for at least a year, as long as you maintain this level of engagement. It may sound like a lot, but it basically means: stay up to date on what is going on here, and you’ll get access to the VIP lounge and some moderation tools as a VIP of the community site. Also: sweet badge. There are currently 3 non-admin, non-bot VIPs on the site: @Henry.Woodbury, @DataSplit, and @CarneMasada.

Engage lightly in the conversation and keep up on what mostly me, @vibbot, @LuckyStrikes are posting here and you’ll be a TL2 in no time. Post some stuff yourself and you may find yourself in the VIP lounge before you know it.

Most importantly, the community site is for everyone who plays Ottoneu fantasy games, so use it to help each other out, ask questions, get advice, and have fun. Let me know if there’s anything you’d like to see from the community site in this thread or if you have any questions about anything I wrote here.



I also highly recommend checking out the list of badges available to all users, and let us know if you think there’d be some other interesting badges to add to the site. Ottoneu Football Champion probably should be coming soon…

What am I misunderstanding? 581+410 = 991/868

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I can do it! Maybe.


This is literally all it takes.


1068 total users. I’ll update the post.

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