How to handle a manager missing the draft

First-time commissioner here and our startup draft is tomorrow. A manager may have to miss the draft, how will Ottoneu handle this?

  • Is there such a thing as auto drafting/auto bidding?
  • As commissioner how can I best handle this to give their team a chance?
  • What happens if a second (or even third) manager unexpectedly doesn’t make it?
  1. There’s no auto-drafting or auto-bidding on the site
  2. There are probably a lot of ideas about this, but one comes to mind is that you set how many players you are willing to nominate in the auction draft and then stop and move on to 48 hour auctions. This might be a little harder with how close we are to the regular season, but this is how I’d handle it I think.
  3. I’m not sure what you mean by ‘what happens’? Those teams won’t get players. There isn’t some other thing that happens, though.

It can be tough because of the time commitment needed for a startup draft, but you can find a proxy drafter. So if someone is willing, add them as a second manager and they can do the auction for them.

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Oh right, duh. If you post to the Managers Wanted section, I bet you could find someone! Thanks @Wimble

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Thanks for the help. Yeah, I didn’t think there’d be any auto-draft option, but I wanted to check.

For new leagues/casual leagues, I think this may be worth pointing out somewhere in the draft rules. Something along the lines of:

Hey, the time commitment for startup drafts is big and there is no auto-drafting. If you or a co-manager cannot make the draft, your team will have no players. Here’s some recommended solutions for if a manager unexpectedly doesn’t make the draft…"

I think this bit of advice is best for the forums, but I’ll make sure to tag this as a FAQ for future new commissioners.

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Are we able to have an auction draft if not everybody shows up? Is there auto picking?

No, there’s no autopicking. If people can’t attend, then they should find a proxy to fill in for them.

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You are able to start the draft if people are not connected. But managers who are not connected will not get players on their team.