Hunter Renfroe - 2018 Keep or Cut?

Hunter Renfroe will play in 2018 at age 26 and will likely end this season with a wOBA below .320 (currently .314) despite hitting 20+ HR. He has absolutely crushed LHP (.326/.404/.641) so far this season, but has been horrible vs. same side pitching (.274 wOBA). His average salary in FGPTS is $5 but at this point he’s ranked in the very back half of the top 100 OF YTD (4.55 P/G).

Based on what we have so far about Renfroe, are you keeping or cutting in 2018 at $5?

  • KEEP
  • CUT

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I have Renfroe at a $4 salary currently that will increase to $6 next year. Renfroe has the prospect pedigree and huge upside in the power department. He’s still very young and I believe this season represents his floor. I think he’ll be a solid OF 6 with OF 4 upside next year. I don’t think he’ll become the elite bat that many originally expected, given his high strikeout tendencies along with issues against RHP. You could do a lot worse than Renfroe at $5 as a 5th or 6th OF.