Ice Cold Badge

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The “Ice Cold” badge is awarded to owners who have scored zero (0) or less offensive points in a single day in which they’ve started at least 10 players in their active lineup.

To earn this badge, you must reply to this thread by posting a link and photo of your lineup scoring zero or less points in a single day during the season.

You can earn this badge multiple times. You can also nominate someone else in your league for this badge if you catch them with zero or fewer points (minimum 10 offensive players in the lineup).

You can view a list of all potential badges here.

Polar Bear Cold


I’ll admit it happened.

Team is Coach.


Ouch, now that is cold.



I didn’t know this was possible.


Team is cashbail in league 153


Brutal! Ice Cold has been granted.


My team (The Ghost of Bill Bergen) went 3 for 39 with 7 walks on September 2nd for a total of -1.2 points.


Granted. 3 for 39, yikes.