Ideal points targets and distribution

First time in Ottoneu points league format. Is there data about how many points are needed to win the average league or to finish 3rd? How are points usually distributed between pitching and offense.

Off the top of my head, I’d say that most leagues can be won with 18,500 to 20,000 points or thereabouts. Although in some cases the first place team comes in higher.

The split between hitting and pitching is going to vary a lot by allocation of your budget. FWIW, I’m targeting 10,500 from offense and 8,500 from pitching in a FGPts league that I hope to be competitive in this year.

I’d say in a typical league, less than 1,000 points separate 1st and 3rd place teams, although this is going to vary quite a bit.


I mainly agree with what @walt526 said.

I’m pretty sure good teams will always have more points from hitting than pitching - but that’s more a product of having more game limits for hitters (162 x 12; 1944) than you do innings for pitchers (1500).

I’d be curious what sort of league comparisons have been done out there. A SABR league I am in has seen back-to-back seasons where the winning point total was under 18,000. I’ve just assumed it’s meant that the league has been more competitive/ tightly packed than the leagues that manage a 20,000 team.