Illegal roster trade

In baseball points league 1285, the commissioner’s team went over salary by $3 at 2:12 p.m. CDT yesterday, by winning the auction for Joey Votto. He has yet to make cuts but has agreed to a player-for-salary relief trade with another team. Is this a violation of rule V, section d? I thought you couldn’t execute a trade while your roster is illegal.

Could you link me to the trade that was accepted while the team was in an illegal state?

Well, this seems to be a bug.

Ah its not a bug. It was proposed by the team that became illegal before they went over the cap. It was accepted by the team that is in a legal state.

The team that is currently not legal did not propose the trade or accept the trade while they were not legal. They proposed the trade 2 days earlier and it was just accepted while they were illegal, which is not against any rules.

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OK. Thanks for weighing in