I'm participating in an industry experts league, drafting today

I am participating in the Fantasy Sports Trade Association Fantasy Football B-league, and our draft is today during day one of the FSTA summer conference. I’m sharing this in case anyone wants to laugh along with my terrible drafting in this all-too-early draft.

There is a live draft board where you can follow along. I’m picking 11 out of 14. It is a PPR league with team defenses. The A-league has a draft board as well, and the winner of the B-league gets entry into the A-league next season.

I’m using MFL ADP as my draft sheet.

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We are up and running if anyone wants to follow along.

Final update: On no less than 4 occasions this evening, I was referred to as “The Jameis Winston guy”. In case you were wondering about the fantasy sports mind behind these games…

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