Impact of 10 Day DL on Ottoneu

I wanted to bring up a point I think @eamuscatuli made elsewhere: with MLB teams sending more and more players to the new 10 day DL this season, does this change make @prospects slightly less valuable in Ottoneu now? And, are multi-position players like Profar, J. Polanco, Gyrko, etc. slightly more valuable now as owners have to work even harder to hit Games Played and IP caps? As more MLB players hit the DL will mid-level prospects be cut more often in favor of mediocre but versatile backup players (Marwin Gonzalez, etc.)? Curious if anyone is seeing this type of trend yet in our league(s)? Do we expect fewer teams to hit their caps this year because of the frequency of the DL? Thoughts?

Obviously, a season of data will be needed, but my initial feeling is that the new DL rules will enhance predictability in player value, and will ultimately have a slightly positive impact on owners being able to reach GP and IP limits.

My rationale for that belief is that players ended up playing hurt more often with a 15-Day DL, they rush themselves back from a day to day injury to avoid being shelved for 15 days. A great example is Yoenis Cespedes last season, who missed 4 games with a quad injury, came back too early, his OPS dropped 44 points, and he ended up on the 15 day anyway a month later. If there was a 10 day last season, he probably ends up playing more games in 2016. He probably ends up with a better statistical season too, because his play fell off significantly while with the quad injury.

I can only think of one player this year where the 10 day DL has actually had an impact, Jean Segura. Minor hammy issue, this year, he comes back and hits a HR in his first game back. Last year, Segura may not go on the 15 day DL with that injury, maybe he rushes back after five or so games this year if there is no 10 day, maybe he never gets back to 100% or ends up with a prolonged DL stint later in the season.

A 10 day DL stint for a pitcher like Kendall Graveman is essentially meaningless to his value, as he would have just had a start skipped last year, just no DL. The new rule allows more players on the 40 man to make a big league impact.

I don’t see how the new DL rule ends up having an impact on the value of an under-producing multi-position player like Profar, or Reyes who are likely bad starts no matter what position you are starting them at this year. Maybe some owners will panic when they see the red “DL” next to their player’s name and dump mediocre prospects for utility guys, but maybe those those prospects should not be rostered in the first place, and those moves signify an inefficient roster. It may end up having a negative impact on utility players because teams will inevitably create 40 man depth charts, and stash backups in AAA rather than on the big league roster.

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One month in I don’t know that I agree. I still strongly believe Ottoneu owners will be more challenged this year than any before to hit GP and IP because it feels like MLB teams are quicker to pull the trigger on placing players (and key players) on the 10 day DL. Rosters seem full of DL players right now so there’s definitely some recency bias on my part here, but it’s getting tough early in the season to just keep up with IP paces and fill games in key spots like SS. Not building a roster efficient enough to make it through a full season is a good point, but most rosters are not built that way, especially when many teams are rebuilding, so the net effect could not only be that fewer competing teams hit key GP/IP limits, but rebuilding teams score even fewer points this year than in years prior, which means the gaps between winning teams in teams lower in the standings could be huge. We’ll see, but so far I think the 10 day DL is a pain the butt on fantasy owners (but maybe less so in Ottoneu because of the 40 man roster…maybe that can be a selling point for @niv next year :wink:)

Any way to tell how many 10 Day DL roster spots are being used across Ottoneu at a given time, @niv?

I’m curious to get thoughts on the 10 Day DL issue from others in the community.

I am a newbie to ottoneu, so my experience may not be as meaningful, but I already dropped a prospect to free up a spot to add a needed replacement. I have had 6 to 9 players on 10DL at a time so far this season. I just got Gary Sanchez and Jorge Soler of the DL in the last 2 days. So down to 7 on DL. Presently only have 2 prospects on 40 man roster.

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I already run a pretty depth-heavy/prospect-light team strategy so it has worked out ok for me in that I’ve been able to cover injuries just fine. I’m worried about IP for sure though. Even though I carry a ton of extra starters it’s still gonna require some work to get to 1500 IP. I actually like this change potentially though, requires teams to go a bit deeper in MLB depth. My feeling is that ottoneu players in general over value prospects so maybe this will help in that regard.