Importing rosters from an existing league

have a league going into the second year being imported to ottoneu. ive added the players to each team…do i check the “done w/ draft” box next to each team in the commissioner settings?

If you don’t want to use the Auction Draft room and are done importing and ready for the in-season auctions and waiver claims, etc, to begin, go to Commish Tools → League Settings. You will see something about ending the Auction Draft or not using it or something to that effect. Check that box, hit save at the bottom, and you are good to go.

ok. so if i want to import rosters, allow managers to make cuts, and then do an auction draft for free agents to fill rosters…i leave the box unchecked and schedule a draft date. then just continue as normal from there?

also, will the lineup screen appear once the season starts?

If you’ve got everyone’s rosters over the way you want them, the steps as I see them would be:

  1. Schedule your draft or figure out how you want to do FA acquisition.
  2. Have managers submit cuts to you (it’s after the keeper deadline, so a commissioner will have to do this step manually)
  3. REMOVE any player that a manager has asked to be cut (so as to avoid a cap penalty)
  4. Do your draft as normal. Either the site will mark it as done if everyone’s done or you can end it early using Commish Tools → League Settings.
  5. The lineups page will show up once your draft is marked as ‘done’ one way or another.

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