In Season Auction Rules Question

I was reviewing the rules for the Vickery style in season auctions and had a question on rule 8

“New bids cannot be submitted and existing bids cannot be modified by a team that is over roster or cap limits”

When you look at the free agent list and you initially hit the button to start an auction for a player it defaults your bid to one and then under players you can go to auctions and it will show you all the players that are being auctioned and with the amount of time left in the auction is and there is an option for you to edit your bid amount so my question is if you nominate a player for an auction and it defaults to a bit of one are you only able then to edit your bid once?

For example Mark Williams has approximately one day left before his auction closes and I initially put in a bid of two but then when I read the rules more closely and saw that the salary of the player would be equal to the second highest bid plus one I realized I wanted to change my strategy and adjusted my bid to a different amount….

And the player auctions UI shows my current bid at the one I most recently adjusted it to but the way I interpret that rule is that I can’t change my bid once I initially put one in other than the default of one

If you are over roster or cap limits, you cannot edit a bid. The site literally will not let you. Are you over roster and/or cap limits?

The flip side of this is if the site is letting you do something, you are allowed to do it. If the site is letting you edit bids, the edited bid will be what is looked at when the auction is processed.

I guess I’m really confused by this question, if there is one here? The site is not secretly recording some other bid and not showing it to you but then using it, that would be absolutely nuts.

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To add to this, as long as your roster is legal, you can change your bid as much as you want before the auction ends. If you start an auction and decide to bid $8, then the player gets hurt so you lower your bid to $1, then find out the player is actually fine, so you change it back to $8, then find out the player is fine, but might miss a few days so you are feeling that risk and lower it to $4…that is all ok, and your final bid ($4) will be the actual bid you make.

The only way you can’t change your bid is if you are over the roster limits.


I have my cap Below $400 and no of players below 25. It still says that I need to cut players. What am I missing?

Nevermind. I still do not have $ for each roster spot.