In Season Tournament Knockout / Finals Week Clarification

Looks like Week 7 of the season is the NBA’s IST knockout rounds and finals week. Since we don’t know who’s making that yet, the Ottoneu game schedule is totally blank:

There are supposed to be games on the 4th and the 5th, as well as the semifinals on the 7th, which count towards regular season games. There’s also the championship game on the 9th, which doesn’t count as a regular season game.

What should we expect for that week? Is Ottoneu going to consider this a regular game week? 22 of the 30 teams are going to have 0 games, while it might be a 1-2 game week for players on the Pacers, Lakers, etc.

The teams that don’t make the knockouts will have games on the 6th and the 8th. The schedule will be updated on the 3rd night or 4th AM I think - there aren’t any games on the 3rd, which I assume is to make the logistics for week 7 make sense.

Relatedly, every game counts towards regular season stats except the IST final, which should not show up in the schedule. I’ll be monitoring that.

Anyway, its a regular week, and there will be a regular-ish number of games that week.


Awesome, thank you for the clarification Niv!

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Games for December 6 and 8, including the teams that did not make the knockouts of the In-season Tourney, are now appearing on the schedule page. The December 4 and 5 games that are both regular season and in-season tourney elimination are in the data feed but don’t seem to be in our database yet. I’m investigating.

All the scheduled games for next week are showing up. Sometime on December 6th we’ll get the additional December 7th semifinal games as well.

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Shout out Ottoneu for being able to seamlessly integrate the in season tournament to seasonal fantasy basketball. It’s really cool to be able to follow along with this tournament through fantasy. I’d be really interested to see some analysis after the tournament around if players are more valuable starts in H2H if their games are IST, compared to “regular” regular season with less on the line.

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Good news! The In-season Tourney final is not showing up on the lineup pages (as expected) and our first ever roll through an IST has been a success.

There is a bug on the lineup pages where players on the Pacers and Lakers may show a projected starter checkmark on Saturday even though that game is not part of the NBA regular season or the Ottoneu season. I will look into removing that checkmark this afternoon and will update this thread when I do.

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This has been fixed!