Inaugural 12 Team League Needs 6 Owners - Fangraphs Points (filled)

League Name: The Gaedel League

12 Team League
6 Empty Spots
No divisions
No playoffs

Scoring Format: Season Long Fangraphs Points

Prize Pool Buy-In: $100.00

Prize Payouts -

1st Place - 60% - $720
2nd Place - 30% - $360
3rd Place - 10% - $120

Slow Draft done via Draft date is not set yet, but as it is the inaugural draft hoping to start 3 to 2 weeks before opening day.

Dedicated Discord server for communication purposes.

All the current six team owners all have previous fantasy baseball experience, but all new to Ottoneu.

Other than fantasy baseball the majority of us became friends through either our mutual love of modern board games or met in an online movie club based on the Criterion Channel streaming service.

I’d like a spot if any still available! It’s been 2 years since I played fantasy baseball, but did 6 years of Ottoneu prior to that.

I’m interested if there are still spots available, I co-managed an Ottoneu team for a couple of years a few years back, but I have a lot of traditional fantasy baseball experience.

There are! Email me at for more info.

Hello - I have sent an email your way. Very interested in joining the league!

I am also very interested in this league and sent you an email. I’m new to Ottoneu but experienced in other keeper and dynasty leagues.

Cool, emailed. Thanks!

Similar to here:

I’m happy to move this post over to Ottoneu 101 if you think that’d be an appropriate label for what you are going for.

Thanks for trying out Ottoneu!

Thanks! Might have done that orginally had I known, but at this point almost full.

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Hey I had reached out a couple weeks ago. Are there still spots left?

Apologies we are full!

Apologies to all, but I don’t seem to be able to edit the original post or delete it? The league is now full.

Niv, is there a way for me to edit or delete the post now that we are full?

Is there a pencil icon next to the topic title?

Updating the topic is the right way to manage this.

I do not see one. Which is confusing because edited it once already. Apologies if I’m just overlooking it somehow.