Inaugural season complete!

The inaugural Ottoneu Fantasy Basketball season is complete! Thanks to everyone who tried out the game in year 1. I hope you all had fun. I think it worked pretty well overall and I am really excited for next season already.

Prizes should be sent out this week. I’ll update this thread once I have more information.

I’m working on a few small site issues as we roll over into off-season mode. Arbitration is currently scheduled for June 1-July 1, in order for the NBA draft to happen within the arbitration window. This unfortunately shortens the trading off-season considerably (July 1 to September 1), so if anyone would like to see the arbitration window moved earlier so the off-season can be extended, let me know. I’m open to changing these dates this year.

Keeper deadline and team renewal deadline should be September 1. Please let me know if you have any questions about that date.

Thanks again everyone for playing Fantasy Basketball and for supporting Ottoneu Fantasy Sports!


Is there an ETA for when league winnings will be paid out? Also wanted to know if there is notification that this has been done. Thanks.

You will get an email from PayPal.

Not sure if this is feasible and/or something that you would consider, but one solution might be opening a trade window from April 10-May 31, have arbitration June 1 to July 1, and then re-open the trade window from July 1-September 1.

You usually have a pretty good idea of who is going to attract allocations, so people should be able to figure out that a cheap Morant that they’re trading for is going to get hit hard (as one example). And we’re all operating with the same limited information in terms of players’ salaries, so I don’t think having trades between the end of the season and arbitration would provide anyone with a competitive advantage.

My concern is just that limited engagement for such a long period might lead to greater league attrition, whereas allowing trades over the next ~6 weeks would keep people engage and more likely to renew.

Just a thought.

I am leaning towards moving arbitration to May 1 for a month. Football arbitration wraps up before the NFL draft and that doesn’t cause any issues, so I think May 1 for arb during the NBA playoffs would be mostly fine.

I also wanted to mention that next season there will be a lineup change: there will be an additional UTIL spot next season.


I would aslo recommend not having the finals the last week of the season.


Yeah you can do this by having a 4 team playoff.


I enjoyed the basketball season. There were several guys in one of my leagues that were on Ottoneu for the first time. The first time there was a trade involving a big name player along with a giant loan, it absolutely blew their minds.


Great season I think everything went great! I don’t know if it is possible for H2H, but I think making before the all star break and after the all star break one giant week could be something to look into. I just got destroyed those two weeks with only 3 days of games.


The two biggest items I would like to see addressed revolve around the scheduling.

First- the weeks surrounding the All Star break (at least this year) were only about 3 NBA playing days a piece. If you weren’t aware, you could just stack both weeks with anyone playing and not meet the max weekly allotment. I’d like to be able to see those two weeks combined, if possible, so you’re playing one opponent and getting the max spots in that one matchup over two weeks.

Secondly- as mentioned, the last week of the NBA season is a roller coaster and causes chaos on teams as players sit for rest or sudden lineup changes. The four team playoff does work around this, but if a league wants to reward the 1 and 2 seed in a six team playoff this isn’t an option. I’d like to see the last week of the NBA season removed entirely and six team playoffs just start a week earlier than four team playoffs.

In all, loved the first season and the gripes above are just minor tweaks I’d love to see for a more competitive platform.


Inflation has been applied and we are officially in off-season mode. Please let me know if you have any questions about how inflation was applied.

Prizes will be sent out later this week.

Arbitration begins on May 1.

I hear the feedback on schedules and am working through a few ideas. I will have an update ahead of the 2022-23 regular season.

Let me know if you have any other questions or thoughts. Thanks!

hey niv, I thought players who played an NBA game went up by $3 and players who didn’t went up by $1. I could’ve swore that was in the rules but now I no longer see it.

it looks like rn everyone went up by $1. is that right?

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Oh wow yeah. I tested this yesterday and everyone who was supposed to go up $3 went up $3. I’ll fix this today.

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The proper $3 should now be correctly applied to all players who played at least one game in the NBA this season. I had to do a second transaction of a $2 increase to make it work.


I’ve added a second Util slot. This will show up in old lineups and can be safely ignored there. It will also show up on the Roster Organizer.

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will there be basketball badges?

There aren’t football or basketball badges yet and there are a few too many baseball badges. I plan on remedying that this summer.

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When is payouts coming?

Today or tomorrow! I’ll update this thread, but shouldn’t be much longer.

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