How to claim prizes

We use PayPal for prize money. We send the money to whatever email address we have on file for the Ottoneu Fantasy Sports team in question. For OPL teams, we send money to the email address that paid for the OPL team, since there’s an assumption that those teams will not be abandonded mid-season.

To claim your prize money, you just need to follow the instructions in the email, which I believe just involves clicking a link.

I know some of you have more complicated PayPal situations, so I’m opening this thread up so you can exchange information or ask questions as necessary.

I’m having an issue where my fangraphs baseball account was a different email address than my PayPal account. The prize money was sent to my fangraphs account. I tried adding that email to my PayPal account to claim the prize, and PayPal even says the claim is successful, but when I go to my PayPal account, the activity and new balance are not updated. Niv confirmed that my prize has still remained unclaimed. Anyone else have this happen? Is the resolution a PayPal ticket?

So do you have two PayPal accounts? Whatever PayPal account that pays fees will receive the prize so there must be a PayPal account that you need access to if your main account didn’t get the deposit? @wesleystasik

More likely, you have to confirm the email first by clicking on a link sent to that email by PayPal. It is a security measure, to be sure someone can’t steal money intended for you.

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Any updates on this? I am having same exact issue.

Is there any way to claim money without logging in to PayPal? From my end, PayPal claims you do not need a PayPal account to receive money.

When Gmail started bouncing emails this season, I put in a temp email which I never changed back, so it went to Paypal on an email which was new to PayPal. So, no, technically, you don’t need a PayPal account to"receive" the prize, but I couldn’t find a way to claim it without signing up for one with that email. I had to sign up, verify my mobile number, verify my email, them sign in. I don’t remember the exact steps, as it was very, very convoluted.

Update: I added the email that the funds were sent to, to my PayPal account. Then I still needed to verify my new email thru PayPal. After this the funds showed up in my PayPal account.

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so where there’s an assumption there is often an exception…

I claimed a team in a Prize League just before the draft, made one cut, and filled the roster at the Auction…so if this team finishes top three, prize money will go to the “rightful owner”

reasonably sure he doesn’t know who (if anyone) is playing his team this season…won’t he be surprised if he gets a PayPal deposit next fall

Did the original owner enter that team into OPL before they quit?

For Ottoneu Fantasy Baseball teams, we use whatever email address is associated with the FanGraphs account that currently manages the team. ‘Currently’ meaning at the time of paying prizes in October. This is important because if you want to get prize money you cannot abandon your team until prizes are sent out. We will not send prizes to anyone who abandons their team before they receive any prize money even if they managed that team all season.

For teams in OPL, we use the email address of the PayPal account that paid the $50 entry fee into OPL.

If that team is not in OPL then you actually have no issues at all. If someone paid $50 to enter that team into OPL and then quit that team, they would get any money won in OPL by that team.


not an OPL contestant

thanks for the prompt explanation

I placed third in my $75 league and I still haven’t seen my payout. I haven’t seen an email or anything indicating payment. Is there somewhere else I should be checking?

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I wrote this yesterday:

I am still waiting on PayPal. You will get an email and you’ll see a post in the forums saying prizes have been sent out.

Thanks for the update!

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My email address for PayPal is different than the one one I use for ottoneu. I have two leagues I want to claim prizes for.

Should I list both emails here?

You can update this on the site. But if you have access to both your email addreses and your PayPal account you don’t need to do anything.

I missed the cutoff for claiming the prizes. Should I contact you directly about having them re-sent?

I think this isn’t true because it hasn’t been 30 days since prizes were sent out.

Ok, I wasn’t sure because the email says if it isn’t claimed by November 13th it would be returned to the sender.

However, I did just click the link to claim the prize and it says the money was received.

It is October…