Prizes FAQ

I’m breaking out the first post from this thread so it can be referred to easily.

  1. Prizes are paid via PayPal to the email address of the team owner.
  2. You don’t need to have a PayPal account.
  3. You can confirm where your prize money will be sent on your user settings.
  4. We cannot manually send prize money to alternate email addresses.
  5. If a prize-winning team is co-owned, one owner, the one that is listed first on the team page, will get paid the prize. I trust that if you’re able to work out co-owning an Ottoneu team you can work out splitting the prize money.
  6. We send prizes to the current manager of the prize-winning team. You must be the manager of a team in order to get a prize for that team. This means if you are planning on leaving a league where you won a prize, you must wait until after the prize is distributed.

Adding this thread, which answers how to get prizes if you don’t have an account on the email we send the prize to.

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