End of 2022-23 Basketball Season megathread

Today marks the end of the 2022-23 Ottoneu Fantasy Basketball season. Congratulations to all the league winners and everyone who finished in the money, and better luck next year to all of us who were not as fortunate.

Here is the timeline for end of season activities:

Default salary increases are applied and the season is rolled over to 2023-24.

Prizes will be sent out via PayPal. As a reminder, here is a thread on how to claim prizes.

May 1
Arbitration will open up

June 1
Arbitration ends and teams can now make trades

September 1
Keeper deadline

I’ll update this thread as salaries are increased and prizes are sent out.

For next season, I have a few changes in store that should make setting lineups and the entire playoffs experience a bit more enjoyable.

Next season, you should expect to see no daily caps, i.e. the daily limitation of 3 G, 2 F, 1 C, 1 G/F, 1 F/C, 2 Util in your lineup. The weekly caps will remain in place. Additionally, I plan on making the system not count players against the game cap if there are marked as “Out” by our data provider (related wishlist request). This will refund games against the game cap faster than waiting for a game to go final and confirm the player played 0 minutes.

I believe these two changes will make it easier to not leave games on the table in a given week. Teams will be allowed to play as many players as the weekly cap allows on a given day, so ‘catching up’ on missed games will be easier and the whims of the NBA schedule will have less of an effect on blocking a team from playing players at a given position. Not counting players that are deemed “Out” against the weekly caps will make it easier to replace those late-breaking “will they or won’t they play” GTD players.

We tried a 22-week fully balanced regular season for 2 years now, and the pain of having the semifinals and finals come during the height of players being rested for the playoffs is at this point abundantly clear. In 2023-24, we’ll be moving to an unbalanced 20-week regular season. The regular season will end in March rather than April. Once the NBA schedule for 2023-24 is released this summer, I’ll have more details on specific dates for the fantasy season.

Let me know if you have any questions or thoughts about these changes. Thanks as always for supporting Ottoneu Fantasy Sports!


I think all these changes sound great. I think not limiting it to 3 Gs per day 2 Fs ect…. Will help with the all star break as well. Great updates!


This is done, but I’m working on making the home page continue to show playoff results and standings from the season that just ended.


This all looks great!

QQ: If we’re going to have an unbalanced schedule anyway, would you consider combining the two weeks impacted by the All Star break into a single week? That’s been a pain point as well over the past two years, although not as challenging as playoffs. While not being constrained to daily starts might help, it’s hard to hit 30 games those weeks with only 3 or 4 days of games.


I think 20 games is worth it and I also think the lineup changes will make it much easier to hit game caps. We talked about this at length in Slack last night and I just wasn’t compelled to change the ASB games, but as I said in Slack, I had 1 game missed total across weeks 18 and 19 and won both games so I am deeply biased.

Last season there were 29 and 33 NBA games in weeks 18 and 19 respectively. Most weeks have 50ish games so combining those two would make a really over-scheduled double week and cost a regular season game. Just not that compelling to me.


getting rid of the cap definitely makes it so that the ASG weeks are way more functional. Rewards some roster depth and lets people use players who they might otherwise not. I mean, I still might prefer they be combined in theory, but I think it’s a very fair call. Love the changes, thanks for all the work you do.


These are great changes imo… regular season being unbalanced on the 20 week schedule is a small price to pay for ending the fantasy season two weeks earlier to avoid the tanking/resting noise, and I’m very interested to see how the no daily caps plays out next year, could further reward depth next year if teams can start > 10 players on a given day… should be fun… Thanks, Niv!


100% on board with these. The daily cap will help a lot and the schedule change is much needed. Our championship game this year was a pure bench battle.


I’m working on this through the afternoon and should have an update shortly.

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Prizes have been sent out. Arbitration starts on May 1st. Everyone enjoy the NBA play-in and playoffs until then!

I agree that all of these changes are for the better and I’m glad to see the thoughtful process that goes into them

I didn’t see when we would be able to cut players on the schedule though?

You can cut or trade players after arbitration is over and before the keeper deadline.

Hi Niv, will these changes to the lineup caps make it so players do not start each week on the bench? This has been a major source of frustration for my league.

This is definitely one of the things about Ottoneu Fantasy Basketball I don’t like, but I need to think more about how to resolve the various parts of setting a lineup before I can say it definitely will change before next season.

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Arbitration is complete, and you can now trade and cut players until the end of August.

Made a trade back on June 2, but it still just says it’ll be processed June 3. Any idea what’s up? No rush of course.

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Every single offseason I forget to turn trade processing back on. Every sport. Every year. Every time.

Should process in the next minute or two.


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Can we get a non-H2H option for a basketball league in the future? Like baseball where standings are just based off total points and no playoffs and that runs the entire season?

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