Updates for changes ahead of the 2023-24 season

As we get closer to the beginning of the 2023-24 NBA season, I would like to summarize where things stand on a few changes I have mentioned from the end of last season and the offseason.

Position Eligibility

As a reminder, position eligibility is currently locked for the season, and no eligibility will be added or removed during the season. There is still an outstanding feature to add the data provider’s current positional eligibility as “projected eligibility”, which will be coming in the next few days.


This season will have no daily game caps, so you can use all your 9 guard games in one day if you want. This will make it easier to make up games and will make it less punitive to forget setting lineups on Monday morning. This change is coming this week and I’ll update this thread once it is live.

20-week schedule

All leagues that have drafted will see a 22-week schedule right now, but weeks 21-23 are reserved for the playoffs this season. Once we pass NBA’s opening day, I will remove all games that are currently scheduled for weeks 21 and 22. In the future, the schedule will properly generate for only 20 weeks rather than 22.

I have been mostly focused on the payment side of things so I’m a little behind here, but this is an acknowledgement that these things will be all completed before the NBA season starts next week. I appreciate the patience, and thank you for your support of Ottoneu Fantasy Sports!


Projected positiosn have been added to player pages and the player universe export.

If you want to see them in another spot, just let me know!

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The lineup pages have been updated to remove daily game caps and allow teams to fill their entire week’s worth of games at a given position in one day if they want.

I’ll be monitoring how well this works through the season, but I hope it improves the ability to meet weekly game caps even if a manager forgets to set lineups for a day or something like that.

Lineups will continue to not propogate, since propogating lineups from a previous lineup does not make sense with weekly caps that result in players being benched by the system when a team is over weekly game caps.

Related to the lineup changes, at game lock time for a player, if our injury status has them as ‘O’ or ‘OFS’, they will be moved to your bench and immediately not count against your weekly game cap.

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