Keeper deadline and position eligibility change for 2023-24 season

With the NBA schedule out and the season starting on October 24th 2023, I think it is reasonable to push the keeper deadline and renewal deadline back to September 15th, 2023. This should make things a bit easier on those of you who also play Ottoneu Fantasy Football and makes this part of the calendar a little less hectic for everyone.

In order to avoid any surprise position eligibility changes mid-season, we will be locking position eligibility for players at midnight ET of the keeper deadline. Positions will not be gained or dropped past that date for the upcoming season. We will keep an eye on the differences between what Ottoneu locks on September 15 and what the data provider shows for a player throughout the whole season, and it will inform some feedback towards our data provider and also allow people to plan for future position eligibility, which again will lock on the keeper deadline next season.

Let me know if you have any questions or concerns!


Position eligibility is now locked. They are stored and will not be updated through the entire 2023-24 regular season. I will update the player pages to show our data provider’s positions as “projected positions” in the near future.