Basketball and Football player universes

We are now generating player universes for basketball and football. These include top-level players (NBA/NFL) only and have the following information:

  • Our Player ID
  • Name
  • Professional Team
  • Position eligibility

These are updated daily at 5am ET.



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Does this mean we can’t roster NCAA players anymore?

Lol no, just doing something quick for those of you who are putting basketball sheets together.

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Because this was pointed out as confusing, these player universes now contain every single player in the player universe, pro, college and for the NBA G-League as well.

Gotcha. Thanks for clarifying. And it will be a great resource!

The basketball player universe will now include ESPN, NBA, Basketball Reference, and STATS IDs. This should help anyone interested in cross-referencing the Ottoneu player universe against these resources.

Thanks to @higginsford for getting these IDs mapped.