Player ID Maps Out of Data in Player Universe Files

As directed, creating a bug report for an issue raised in an earlier thread about the player universe files…

The player universe files have fields that contain player ids from other platforms (aka, player id maps). Apparently they were based on work done by @higginsford, according to this post by Niv:

In working with the player universe files, it appears that these player id maps have not been updated in some time. Because the file doesn’t include a field to distinguish NBA from NCAA/etc, I was hoping to use the absence of an NBA player id to create the pro indicator. Unfortunately, NBA players who debuted in the 2022-23 NBA season are missing NBA player ids (as are those who will debut in 2023-24). I’m not sure how helpful they are if they’re not going to be maintained.

So my suggestion would be to remove the player id maps from the files if they’re not going to be maintained.

Ok, I think I’ll remove them. Not sure I can promise maintenance of the crosswalk data here.

Thanks for the details. I’ll have the basketball universe updated later today.

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I’ve removed the crosswalk data, since it was out of date.

I’ve added a ‘Level’ column to this CSV that should indicate if a player’s “level” is College, International, G-League, or NBA.

These changes should show up in the player universe generated tomorrow morning.

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Awesome, thanks so much!

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Fwiw I’m working on updating my own mapping files for my values tool. Agree that it is generally annoying and difficult lol. Can post here or generally link to them on it if that helps