End of the 2022 baseball season megathread

Hey everyone,

Thanks for playing the 2022 season of Ottoneu Fantasy Baseball! Congrats to everyone who won their leagues and won prizes, and big congrats to the winners of the 2022 OPL. If you are so inclined, now is the time to put your claim in for any badges you earned this season.

Here is a loose outline of how the next few days will go :crossed_fingers::

Tomorrow, 10/6: We will kick off the stat correction process. Unlike previous years, we have been correcting stats in a rolling manner going back 30 days every single day. As a result I would not expect a massive shift in stats tomorrow, but one never does know. I’ll also finally update the OPL prize tracker so that those prizes can be verified.

Friday, 10/7: Pitching points will be removed from teams that did not hit their minimums in 4x4 leagues. OPL store prizes will be available for ‘purchase’, as it were, and the 2022 OPL t-shirt will be revelead.

Monday, 10/10 or Tuesday, 10/11: We will start sending out money via PayPal for both Ottoneu Fantasy Baseball and OPL. Relevant info: How to claim prizes

Wednesday, 10/12: Cap penalties will be removed, loans will be removed, and default salary increases will be added to player’s salaries.

Saturday, 10/15: Arbitration opens up. The season rolls over to 2023, which means position eligibilities for 2023 will be reflected on the site and trophies will be added to team trophy cases.

I’ve reviewed last year’s thread and will try to find entirely new mistakes to make rather than repeat any of last year’s :slight_smile:

Thanks again for a great season. It got off to a rocky start with the lockout and ended up being quite interesting to navigate with the ball changing and the extra doubleheaders, but we’ve made it and hopefully 2023 will be much, much smoother with relative labor peace. Let me know if you have any questions, and thanks as always for supporting Ottoneu Fantasy Sports!


Oh, and be sure to play some Playoff Six Picks starting Friday.

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I forgot about the pitch clock and banning the shift so, nevermind, 2023 will be a wild ride.


Great year, thanks for the un-paralleled support you provide! Ottoneu is the greatest thing to come out of the 21st century, other than the Keurig.

Eliminating the shift is going to have a big effect, more so in 2024, probablyish…


Thanks as always, Niv! Another awesome year of ottoneu in the books!


Thanks for this great game Niv, I’m an addict


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Thanks as always for your hard work and dedication!


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Thank you again for all you continue to do, Niv!


An update:

Everything from 10/6 and 10/7 are completed. I’m waiting for PayPal for a couple of things in order to send out prizes. My guess is that cash prizes will be sent out tomorrow or the day after, both for baseball leagues and OPL.

Cap penalties and loans will be removed and salary increases will be applied in the wee hours of Thursday morning, 10/13.

Let me know if you have any questions, and thanks to everyone for the kind words in this thread!


You da man!

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I’m still waiting for PayPal to clear a bank transfer so prizes will have to wait another day. I will make sure salary increases, etc happen tonight so that arbitration can begin as scheduled on the 15th.

Ottoneu is 100% set to send out prizes as soon as PayPal clears the bank transfer, and I’ll update as soon as that happens.

While we all wait for PayPal together, maybe play a Playoff Six Picks


Salary increases are happening now. Prizes will be distributed first thing in the morning.


Prizes are currently being sent out via PayPal.

Thanks everyone for a great 2022 season and don’t forget that arbitration starts… tomorrow? Oh goodness.

Thanks as always for supporting Ottoneu Fantasy Sports!


Just to ensure we didn’t miss an email or anything Niv, have all the prizes gone out?

Yes, prizes went out. Please check the “How to claim prizes” link above if you have any questions, and email help@ottoneu.com if you still have any questions.

Thanks Niv - read it and checked and found the email. Sorry about that. Thanks again!

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