End of the 2021 baseball season megathread

Hey everyone,

Thanks for making it through the 2021 Ottoneu Fantasy Baseball season! Congrats to everyone who won their leagues and won prizes, and big congrats to the winners of the 2021 OPL.

Here is a loose outline of how the next few days will go:

Today, 10/4 - I’ll be confirming stats for the season and making sure we captured all stat corrections for the season. This process will take most of today. No H2H results will be changed, but this may result in some movement in season-long leagues.

Tomorrow, 10/5 - Once stats are confirmed, I’ll remove pitching points for all teams in 4x4 leagues that did not hit innings minimums.

Wednesday, 10/6 - We will start sending out cash prizes for both baseball leagues and OPL. OPL T-shirts and the bat will be made available for “purchase” for those of you that won these prizes.

Thursday, 10/7 - Cap penalties will be removed, loans will be removed, inflation default salary increases will be applied.

Friday, 10/15 - Arbitration opens up.

Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks as always for supporting Ottoneu Fantasy Sports.


Will 10/7 also be the day positions update?

Good reminder. Positions should update overnight tonight.

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@chy924 points out that this was the wrong term, I meant the $2/$1 default salary increases.

Any other 5x5 first place ties happen? :trophy::trophy::flushed:

Looks like positions haven’t updated yet for '22 eligibility, just an FYI

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Ok, I’ll check that out

I’ve removed the extra rules around not losing eligiblity due to the 2020 season. This will be reflected overnight and should result in new position eligibilities.


Not going to miss Jared Walsh RP.


@nivshah Not that I ever expect to win any $, but since the rumor is thousands of newly hired IRS agents will be investigating every financial transaction of $600+, do/will you send out 1099s ? What a PITA that could be.

Selfish questions - when do the neat little trophies show up next to the league winners name in the Standings?

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Quick question, Niv – if the standings page and the standings shown on the league home page show different standings, which one is the correct one? (This is in reference to league 90, if that matters.)

No, we won’t be sending out 1099s.

Soon, once the stats are totally finalized.

They should be aligned pretty soon, but the standings page is what they’ll align with.

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Confirming stats took a little longer than expected. Everything is going to be bumped a day.

Today, 10/6 - Removing pitching points for all 4x4 leagues that did not hit minimums and letting final stats sit for a day for review, etc.

Tomorrow, 10/7 - Prize money will be sent out, OPL swag will become available for those who won coupons.

Friday, 10/8 - Cap penalties wiped, default salary increases, etc.

Sorry about the delay in the timeline!

Received this question in a DM. Basically the way this works is that we update our stats up to 24 hours after they occur, but we stop updating final games after 24 hours. MLB can issue corrections based on player/team lodging protests up to 2 weeks after a game goes final. Sometimes in-season we catch these, but the end of the season process is meant to make sure every single stat line for every single day aligns with the official MLB stats for the season. I don’t have a log of corrections that were applied over the last 2 days but I can confirm all our player stat lines are now aligned with what MLB’s official stats ended up being.

The way the Ottoneu calendar works is that the new season begins when arbitration begins, on October 15 every year. So to answer a few repeated questions:

Upcoming season position eligibility will update on October 15 every year.
Trophies will show up in trophy cases / on league standings on October 15 every year.

Hope that helps.


My guess would be that the scoring changes noted here will match the updates that have been made to Ottoneu’s stats:

As someone who won money in a league, is there a way to confirm which Paypal account that Ottoneu will be sending my prize money to?