End of the 2023 baseball season megathread

Hey everyone,

Thanks for completing another year of Ottoneu Fantasy Baseball! Congrats to everyone who won their leagues and special congrats to the winner of the 2023 OPL. Now is the time to put your claim in for any badges you earned this season.

Here is what to expect over the next few days.

Tuesday, October 3: We will roll over to the 2024 season. This means league settings that were not available during the 2023 regular season will become available, in case there are any big changes you may want to make. This also means positions will update and trophies will be added to trophy cases. I will make a final determination on how we are going to handle the Mets-Marlins suspended game, though the status quo with the stats from the top of the 9th inning of the suspended game counting seems to be the direction we are headed. I’ll also remove any pitching points from teams that did not hit minimum innings pitched.

Thursday, October 5: The OPL prize tracker will be finalized and prizes will become available to anyone who qualifies from the 2023 OPL.

Monday, October 9: Prizes will be logged in the database and you’ll be able to see what your prize total looks like across all your teams. Withdrawal will be made available at a future date once that process is fully tested with our new payment processor.

Tuesday, October 10: Cap penalties will be removed, loans will be removed, and default salary increases will be added to player’s salaries.

Sunday, 10/15: Arbitration opens up.

Last year went relatively smoothly and I hope to recreate that experience this year.

Thanks again for supporting Ottoneu Fantasy Sports! Make sure to play Playoff Six Picks. Email help@ottoneu.com with any questions.


Here is the player universe as of the last day of the 2023 season.


As of today, MLB still has the Marlins stats from the top of the 9th inning of their suspended game as official stats. The game remains suspended and without a final result.

We will consider all these stats official and will finalize our standings for the 2023 season with these stats included.


Teams in 4x4 leagues that did not hit IP minimums have had their pitching points removed.

I want to give a big shout out to Niv and say thanks for another amazing Ottoneu season. We got mock drafts now!

But specifically the way all of the payment processor adversity has been handled, nothing but complete transparency. I was initially a bit nervous about an unknown company but honestly PayPal hasn’t always been the most reliable and the leaders at Paydala are experienced in the industry. Sounds to me like Paydala is doing everything they can to work with Ottoneu as an actual client and it seems like it’ll be a great processor moving forward. It’s always fun to claim prizes right away but hey it is what it is, I’m looking forward to finally having enough prizes to take some home after renewing league entry fees lol.

Anyways, pumped to keep playing and sharing Ottoneu love with everyone I know, it’s the best fantasy sports platform around and wish I could start a new league every year!


First off, thanks so much for the kind words @emptyflight and the support everyone gave that post. It really does help a lot, and I really appreciate it.

As you may have noticed, I missed a couple of my self-imposed deadlines. Updated timeline as follows:

Thursday, October 12: Prizes will be logged in the database and displayed to anyone who earned a baseball or OPL cash prize this year. They will not be available for withdrawal immediately, and I will share a timeline for that once we have some more progress with Paydala.

Friday, October 13: Cap penalties removed, loans removed, salary increases.

Sunday, October 15: Arbitration starts

I’m also way behind on doling out badges, so you should definitely go post in any threads where you earned one!

Again, I deeply appreciate everyone’s patience and continued support of Ottoneu Fantasy Sports. I am confident we will have everything set ahead of arbitration.


Gonna flip some stuff around:

Thursday, October 12: Cap penalties removed, loans removed, salaries given the default increase

Prizes will be logged in the database once we have some clarity on our payment processor’s timeline for getting us live.

Thanks again everyone.


End of year stuff is being kicked off now. I will update when it is complete.

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This is done. The system just applied 232,739 salary increases, the most ever.

I’ll have an update on prizes once I know more about our options on how to distribute them. Arbitration begins in 3 days!


Prize updates will be over here going forward: