30-team Ottoneu Fantasy Baseball League

Niv, I’ve been interested for some time in starting a 30-team Otto league on here. 5x5 old school scoring. Thoughts? I notice that when I try to set up a league, the largest size is 16 teams.

There’s one 20-team league and it seems like a pretty difficult experience. I am not sure a 30-team league makes any sense, but feel free to use this thread as a statement of interest.

Thanks for the response man. Thinking this through, I see your point about 30 teamers, since Ottoneu is designed to encourage competitive teams and discourage tanking. Playing time would be tough.

I have enough friends that play in 30 team deep dynasties over at Fantrax to run a 20 team league here in 2023. These work in part because a number of teams tank and don’t have many MLB players on their rosters at any given point in time. I also think H2H would be more popular than roto with my guys (if that was possible).

If I wanted to create a 20 teamer, would I need to go through you versus the default selections for creating a league?

I’m really hesitant to set up another 20+ team league but if you had a list of 20 people that would sign up on day one and commit to it, I will look into it.

This is the current 20-team league

We would only allow season-long, no H2H because I have no idea if the scheduling code would work for a 20-team league. We also would not handle any prizes for this sized league.

I would be interested lol!

I would be interested in a 20 or 30 team league if it were points based.

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