Inbox issues in Ottoneu Fantasy Baseball

Those of you having issues with the inbox post-redesign, I’d love to hear some more details.

  1. Are the issues on incoming messages or outgoing messages?
  2. Does refreshing the page mark messages as read?
  3. Does refreshing the page remove duplicate messages?

The more details I can get on the message issues, the faster I’ll be able to fix whatever is going on.

For me it’s incoming messages. They get sent multiple times and stay in the inbox. Not all at once either, I’ll reply, and then get the same message again.

The message read notification never goes off

Once I’ve clicked on an owner in the messages tab, there’s no indication who I’m messaging.

I’m not sure it’s related, but I posted to my trade block and one of the players showed up 8 times.

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The time stamp on the duplicate messages doesn’t change. But they are threaded in the order they are received.

Message 1
Message 1
My reply
Message 1
Message 2
Message 1
Message 2

Here’s what I am experiencing with the messaging:

All of my messages are being sent and coming in with no problem, but they are not threading in the correct order with duplicates showing up down the thread. If I click into a message, it shows in the messaging screen that it has been read, but it goes back to unread once I leave the screen and the orange dot is on the inbox icon. Unfortunately, refreshing is not helping mark messages as read or removing duplicates.

Thank you for all of your hard work.

When refreshed, do all the duplicate messages stay on the page?

I think this issue should be fixed! Please do a hard refresh (cmd/ctrl+shift+r) let me know if you still are having issues.


That did it, thanks!!

Awesome, thank you very much.