Inbox / Trade Proposal information on dashboard

Back in December 2016 (before the redesign!), @rjweise had this suggestion:

This is now live for both baseball and football.

Let me know what you think.


I like these a lot, nice improvement. I don’t think mine matches up though. Both icons are green (with the link underline) and nothing changed when I got a message.

Also, are you in just the one league?

I think you may need to clear your cache. It sounds like you don’t have the most recent CSS updates.

And yes, I’m just in the one league in both football and baseball. I’m better at building this thing than playing this thing :slight_smile:

Ha, I should have known that. All works now!

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This is great. Thx!

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Love the number of messages update. One small thing. When the number of messages is zero, could the UI simply show nothing? If zero, I don’t need a UI element attracting my attention, especially when 0 looks a lot like 1, until I peer closely.

I got a similar note in an email. I was trying something out in the menus last night, but it sounds like only keeping a bug there if there actually are emails would be better. Will fix that up today.

UPDATE: This is fixed!