Incomplete Arbitration Indicator

Since teams can allocate all of their cash, yet not have completed arbitration, it would be helpful to do something similar to the red illegal roster font for teams that are not complete on the arbitration page. As a commissioner, I usually rely on that list to know who to reach out to as they would have money remaining.

Just as a note, the bottom of the arbitration page (while arb is live) shows teams that are not finished with arbitration yet.

I’ll look into adding an indicator to the home page standings.

Is there a section below the team list? I guess I never continued beyond that.

I guess it does not show a team that has allocated all their money but not allocated to every team. The team has a pretty clear notification that they have not completed arbitration, but making this clear to the commissioner and the rest of the league would be helpful as well. Will look into it.

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I’ll also make this a little louder for the teams in question, so they see they aren’t done on places other than their Arb Overview.

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Awesome, thanks Niv.

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I’ve moved the list of teams and their remaining budgets to the top of the Overview page, If a team either has teams left to give money to or more than $0 of remaining budget, they will appear in red on that list to everyone.

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Perfect! Thanks again Niv!