Inconsistently able to change lineups within 5 minutes of gametime

After learning the Detroit-PIttsburgh game was rained out, I moved to take out Cabrera from first. It accepted my replacement, but also kept Cabrera in, so it appears as though I have two first basemen. What’s up!?

Link me to your team and I’ll check it out.

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  1. Should we be able to sub for a player after their game was supposed to start, if it was postponed? Just wandering

  2. It looks like the games played totals are counting hitters who started but whose games were postponed. At least for today? And may be counting toward P/G in Standings. Can you verify? My C and 1B should be at 2 instead of 3. OF seems off too.
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  1. Wander no more. You can’t sub after the scheduled start time.
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  1. Haha, thanks. I’ll stop wandering around now.

  2. It looks like the total games are fixed now. Maybe they just reset the next day. Happy Easter, and thanks!

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I had another user report about making a change very close to the lock time and having the site only half-reflect the change. I’ll investigate this more, though I can’t make any promises about timeline - definitely want to get this right.

In the meantime, I’ve made sure Cabrera was on your bench for this date and Abreu’s stats are properly reflected.

I have a very good idea of what is going on here, and will work on patching this issue this week. I’m unmarking as resolved until I have a proposed fix out there.

Thanks for the help… ! Hope I’m not disrupting any holiday plans!

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Nope you’re fine - if anyone is disrupting plans, it is past Niv, who didn’t consider this scenario properly!

The underlying issue seems to be fixed

I had this happen a couple days ago, but it eventually corrected itself and showed the correct player on the “today’s stats” tab. It seems like there was some “lag” between changing the player in our lineup, and the change reflecting within the stat-tracker. I’m thinking it was less than 15 minutes before it auto-fixed.

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On 3/31, just 15 minutes before the scheduled start of the Detroit game, I noticed that the game was postponed. I substituted Alonso in for Cabrera at the UTIL slot. But as you can see from the graphic attached, the site inserted Alonso into the slot but did not remove Cabrera. When the stats tabulated, they show no stats for either player, which makes sense for Cabrera (postponed game) but not for Alonso who accumulated stats that day. Is this a known bug?

League ID: 168


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I’ll fix this for you. This occurred because the site allowed owners to move locked players (in this case, Cabrera) after they were locked (within 5 minutes of game time), but then didn’t respect the actual lineup change, since Cabrera was in fact locked.

This issue was fixed on 4/1.

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