Incorrect handedness displayed on player page

A truly minor annoyance… it looks like minor league pitchers’ player cards display their batting side rather than throwing hand, like so…

…whereas the major league pitchers display their throwing hand…

…which lead me to reevaluate whether Bobby Miller’s 2023 struggles were perhaps due to his attempt to pitch with the other hand. Alas.

Not a priority, I’m sure, but if you can look into it I’d appreciate that.

Bobby Miller has a major league ID and his major league database record indicates he bats and throws left-handed. This is a data provider issue - we show throwing hand for pitchers and batting hand for hitters regardless of level.

I imagine this will be updated by FG/our data provider after Bobby Miller pitches in the majors.

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I looked at what FanGraphs does here and recreated it so that Bobby Miller is once again showing as a right handed player on his player page.

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Thank you, Niv, looks good and I stand corrected on the handedness assertion.

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