Incorrect "over positional / inning cap limits" warning

Help! I am getting warning that my team has exceeded positional game limit and innings cap and will not accrue points. But, there are should be no caps for post-season.


Same here (4x4)

Are these the caps for head to head leagues or something else? I have an error on my page for reaching games played caps and I was under the understanding that there were no position caps for position players or innings caps in head to head leagues. Am I just wrong?


Hoping this is just a bug as this is the first day I have seen this as is the rest of my league - which is odd we would all hit it on the same day.


I’d guess this is a bug as the last ruling I remember seeing is no caps for positional in H2H. Game Caps, H2H, and the playoffs for the 2019 season

I just added a notification today and forgot to make sure it wouldn’t show up for H2H or playoffs. You can safely ignore this message.


Thank you! Super fast response.

I’m in a standard points league (382) and seeing the same message, I’m well under my IP limits - ok to ignore?

Could you link me to your team?

This notification should no longer be appearing for H2H leagues or leagues in playoffs.

Which team is your team?

little spaceman. actually i’m seeing it in my other leagues too - 99 (babe ruth’s pants) and 441 (donkey parts)

I accidentally made it show up for every team that wasn’t over limits, oops. This should be fixed.

EDIT This is extremely what I get for executing a half-baked idea on a Saturday :slight_smile:

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awesome, thank you!!!

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Ok, in summary:

  1. This notification no longer appears for H2H leagues or leagues in playoffs

  2. This notification is now correctly displaying for everyone else.

Sorry about the mixup and causing any unnecessary stress, but we should be good now. Thanks to everyone who reported the issues.

WOW that was fast. You’re the best, Niv

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Easy to fix something that I JUST broke :slight_smile:

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