Incorrect Tiebreaker For In-Season Auction

Hi niv, i tried to post a new thread on this but i lacked permission, so i’ll try this. I had a question about auction tiebreaker mechanics.

We ran into something unexpected over in 513 and were hoping for clarification. Team Wolves nominated a player and assumed that inherent in the nomination was a $1 bid, but didn’t manually bid $1. Team Carl Mays’ Spitball manually bid $1 on the player. When the auction ended, Wolves was in 6th place and CMS was in 1st place. CMS won the auction, and the email indicated it was by coin flip.

Is this intended? Seems like a bug, but CMS doesn’t want to give up the player without confirmation from Niv that this is in fact a bug.

Hi Niv,

Yes, as the winning team, I wanted clarification from you. Nominating team did not manually bid, assuming autobid of $1, and left the box blank. I bid $1 in the box. I’m in first place currently. Player was awarded to me, and email says winner was determined by coin flip. I just wanted you to clarify if this was a bug or an intended feature to let the nominator change their mind and back out by leaving box blank.

A few questions:

  1. What scoring system do you guys use?
  2. What time did the auction end?
  1. FanGraphs Points
  2. Today, May 4 at 10AM
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Actually if you could link me to the auction results page (which you can get to from the Auctions page) that would be great.

This is a bug, and I am guessing it is because of a weirdness with Standings right at 10am that I need to sort out. The lower team in the standings should have received the player.

OK, thanks for clarifying.

Link to auction result:

You can see on that page that the system put a bid in for the team that started the auction. The system determined those two teams were tied in the standings at 10am, which is the bug. Filing this and will explore today / this weekend.

should we have the commissioner manually move the player for now?

Yeah, that’d be ideal.

Thanks niv. You da man.

Ok, I had already fixed this issue for roto leagues, and I forgot to bring the fix over to points leagues. I’ve done this and points leagues should no longer have this issue.

Thanks for getting me the deets so quickly.