Increasing Starts Per Week

Something I would be interested in, in the future would be more starts per week based on roster size. I feel a little strange having 25 players on my team but only starting 28 per week. Why not 40 starts, 50 starts etc., It feels like having depth is not very important because your top 5-6 dudes take all the starts each week. I assume it’s too late in the season to assess this but just feels like roster size doesn’t match the starts per week. Any thoughts about this from others out there?

Is it too late to bump it? Theoretically it would affect everyone equally, right?

It won’t change this year but I’m already interested in bumping this to 4 per slot for next season.


Just to walk through the current logic a bit:

  • We have 27 games per week, 3 games per slot.
  • Teams/players have on average 3.28 games per week (82 games, 25 weeks).
  • Ottoneu Fantasy Basketball rules have been constructed specifically to make it easier to stash players, i.e. you need fewer players that are actively playing to fill out your games for the week and thus you can use roster spots on speculation from NCAA, G-League and soon international players
  • This is by design in contrast to Ottoneu Fantasy Baseball and somewhat different than Ottoneu Fantasy Football
  • This week, week 2 of the NBA season, is relatively chockful of games compared to future weeks

So, no changes this year because we need to see how 3 games per slot per week plays out through a whole season, not just 2 relatively busy weeks early in the season. For every 5-game week there is also a 2-game week.

However I sense that 4 games per slot might be the sweet spot to require a little bit of depth beyond your starting 9 while still allowing for 2-3 speculative roster spots. I might change my mind whenever the games are not as plentiful as they are right now.

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I would think bumping it to 4 per slot would make sense because then having depth would matter but with 25 roster spots it still allows plenty of roster spots for speculative purposes IMHO

I suspect that in addition to there being 2 game weeks, we’ll also find ourselves in a position where players aren’t available due to injury, “maintenance days,” etc. A week into the season, most guys are either healthy or their injury status was known going into the season and were discounted accordingly (e.g., Thompson) or had some other batshit crazy complications that provided for a discount (e.g., Irving, Simmons).

As the season develops, we’ll encounter more instances guys who can’t play due to injury and these will probably not be something that can be anticipated. And without an IL or IR list, we’re going to have to make full use of more than just 9-12 players in our starting lineups. That is, most of those of us who drafted some depth will be rewarded by circumstances.


I think more starts per week makes more players relevant across the league. That would possibly lead to more trades, which is a big part of the fun. Also it makes viewing the games on tv more fun for me if I have a couple of players involved. In baseball, there’s rarely a game on that doesn’t involve at least one player on one of my teams. With 27 starts spread across 7 days, there’s a huge percentage of games where I have zero active guys in.

too early to tell but if the game changes to 4 games, i hope we’ll have the option for 3 games cap

the NBA is volatile, between injuries and rest, it’s so easy right now but it won’t be so easy going forward, roles will shift and guys who have been rostered pretty heavily minutes will disappear, trades will happen for contender and take guys out of rotations, certain players will be told to sit and wait for a trade, it’s been real easy to manage right now so the bench hasn’t been super important, but it will become more and more important going forward and probably the most important in the playoffs

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Will basketball leagues have an option next year to change to 4 starts per week per lineup slot instead of 3? I get too many days now where I only have one or sometimes even zero guys playing on any given day. Adding an additional 9 starts per week would be more fun, and it would reward deeper teams.

I found this thread by searching “basketball starts per week”

My plan is to add a second Util spot to the lineup for 2022-23 but remain at 3 games per week.

This will bump from 27 games per week to 30 games per week, which I think is a better balance than jumping all the way to 36 games per week, which would have been hard/impossible down the stretch given rest, etc.

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