Individual stats on search and watchlist

Improve the Player Search and Watchlist to display and be sortable by statistics:

-Problem: players are searchable only by points scored, not by any qualifiable data

-Benefit: how the points are scored, or what the usage trends are, can be gleaned from an analysis of the statistical breakdown. Gives life to an otherwise description-less value, distinguishes otherwise equal total values from each other.

(e.g., two players of equal point value, but one is getting unlucky with TDs, or with drops despite heavy targets; heavy-targets or carries and few points makes an otherwise overlooked player interesting, as touch-share is at least indicative of usage).

Thank you Niv for your consideration!

Makes sense to me - adding sortable stats to the search results would be great. This would be a moderate lift but I’ll try to prioritize it because I really do think Football search could use some love.

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I imagine this is a moderate lift, and for that I do apologize… if I had to pick just one search improvement (and the watchlist needs it too) it’s definitely this one. Anyway, I’m glad you like the suggestion, sounds like something along these lines has been on your radar so I’m glad my suggestion seems reasonable.

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It’s just something the site needs, that much I cannot deny.

OK very good. I’ve received some kinda exotic requests from people in my league, as far as fixes to the search is concerned. In my opinion, just having more to search-by will fix much of the shortcomings, without getting carried away by major design changes… I know the stats are in there, but I can imagine implementing it will be tedious, nevermind that every time a change like this gets made there is bound to be an unexpected error somewhere downstream. So I understand it will require some headspace. But yes, search/watchlist could really use a boost. Thank you again!

I have engaged with this and should be able to have a solution live for search tomorrow. Watchlist maybe tomorrow maybe later in the week.

The ultimate problem that is unique to football is that each position has its own set of stats. In baseball we just split up hitters and pitchers, but I don’t know if it makes sense to split up QB, RB, WR/TE, and K in football. So my solution is to try to show the relevant stats based on who the players are in the returned search. This is mostly fine if you are searching for, say, top WRs:

(As an aside. the search results table will horizontally scroll on mobile)

I don’t know the exact query to pull this off but if you searched for a partial player name that resulted in a QB, a RB, a WR, and a K all being in the results, you may end up with a VERY wide table of stats. I am not sure if there is a good solution for this but I am mentioning it in case anyone has ideas.


That looks as expected to me. This is a huge QOL upgrade!

I have no programming/design experience… just a couple thoughts on divvying up the stat types in a scenario like the one you mentioned:

-Make a drop down box to select from QB or K or FLEX or ALL (default) stats?

-Like in baseball where the pitcher stats are completely segregated from the hitter stats, maybe make distinct sections for Ks, and QBs, and FLEX’s.

Literally my two cents, just food for thoughts. The current results are worth that little trade-off; if you can get it further improved, that is gravy.

There are now individual stats in football search and on the football watchlist.

The watchlist is divvied up between QB, Flex-eligible, and K in different sections (thanks for that idea, @MLB)

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