Intentionally misleading auctions


I am looking to get an opinion. In our auction yesterday, one of our owners nominated Nelson Cruz. No not that Nelson Cruz. He intentionally nominated the 46 year old relief pitcher who has not played in the majors since 2003 in an effort to get people to waste money. It worked. He got bid up to $11 before everyone caught on.

Edit: I am being unfair above. It could have been a mistake. My original text is based on a couple of comments in the draft chat room when everyone realized what was happening. Apologies to the owner who made the nomination. I don’t know for sure why it happened.

I think this is a bit underhanded. My inclination is to allow the poor guy who got stuck with him to release him penalty free.

Any thoughts?


I thought I had that other Nelson Cruz marked as retired…

This happened in my Ottoneu football league last year (there were two Kenyan Drake’s in the system). The person who nominated the other one may or may not have done it deliberately. Regardless, the commissioner gave him a penalty-free cut.

So I’d be inclined to give the guy a penalty-free cut if I were the commissioner (or vote for that if I were in the league and it were to be put to a vote).

I’d lean towards removing the player penalty-free as well. I’ll look into how he was even available for nomination…

Thanks all! This is very helpful!

I’m a commish ina league and I had someone nominate Rougned Odor. Their is actually two of them. Unfortunately he got the wrong one, so I just took him off his team with no penalty.

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Rougned Odor has a brother named Rougned Odor. I’m not joking.


On Bob Newhart, Larry had a brother named Darryl … and his other brother Darryl. None of which are in the player data base.

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Lol same thing happened in my league with Bryan Harper with Washington !

Not sure what everyone was thinking but I saw Bryan and was like wtf. He got up to about $30 before people caught on … Commish was able to reset that for the unlucky bidder

Relevant to this conversation, I’ve fixed the bug where retired players (such as the RP Nelson Cruz) were showing up in search. They are hidden once again.