Introducing the Ottoneu Draft Kit™

Hi all, with draft season in full swing I wanted to share a tool I’ve been working on for use in Ottoneu live drafts - the Ottoneu Draft Kit™.

After inputting your league number, the Draft Kit automatically populates a “Big Board” with all available free agents organized by position, sorted by value in the Surplus Calculator (thanks as always to @eamuscatuli).

Before your draft, you can make changes to these values and identify specific players as targets (highlighted in green on the Big Board).

Once the draft starts, you can refresh the Big Board in real time to see which players are available and the prices of drafted players.

Also included is a handy “Roster Planner” that should help with organizing and budgeting both before and during the draft.

Be sure to read the instructions tab before you get started, but I will emphasize the disclaimer that until your draft starts, the results shown will be from the previous year’s draft.

Thanks to the few folks who have provided feedback on this, and please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions for improvement!

Link (make a copy): Ottoneu Draft Kit 3-8-2021 (Public) - Google Sheets


This looks like a tremendous resource! Thanks for putting it together and making it available to everyone. I’ve already drafted this year but look forward to using it in 2022.


Dude this is awesome, I wish this had been released prior to my draft!


Hey @kaufmana315 just wanted to say thanks so much for making this tool. I actually use it a lot in season to get a holistic view of my roster. It’s great! Thanks a ton.

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Glad you liked it @jordan.ryan.pedersen! Let me know if you have any feedback.


For those curious, there will be an update to this tool for the 2022 draft season. Stay tuned!


Is this tool available for 2022? If so, where can I find it?