Introducing the Waiver Wire Wizard!

Excited to announce the latest addition to the Kaufman Ottoneu Tools suite: the Waiver Wire Wizard!

My first in-season tool, the Waiver Wire Wizard (“WWW” for short) tracks player transactions (adds/drops) across all Ottoneu leagues & aggregates the data to give you an edge in identifying the next breakout star.

The WWW has two main features today:

  1. Top Adds / Drops: A list of the most added / cut players, filterable by position, timeframe (L30D/L7D) and free agent status in your league!

  2. Player Deep Dive: In-depth charts & data on individual players to help decide what you should bid on a FA or at what price you should consider cutting your Jose Altuve (sniffle).

As always, open to any and all suggestions or questions. See below for a few demo snapshots and check out Kaufman Ottoneu Tools (Premium Tier only) if you’re interested in taking the WWW for a spin!

Top Adds / Drops

Player Deep Dive