Invalid Roster after cut?

my roster was full 25/25 and salary cap was maxed at $400. I cut a $1 player and now I have an invalid roster. I thought when you cut a $1 player you get the $1 back?

Nope. One dollar drops get you nothing back.

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No, cutting a $1 player frees up a roster spot, but it won’t help you with your salary cap.

When you cut a player, you get half back (rounded down) down to a minimum of $1. The only way that $1 cap penalty goes away is if another team acquires him via waivers or starts up a FA auction.

Note: in baseball, it’s seldom advisable to cut a $1 player on the 60 day IL or suspended list. The reason is that having him on your roster helps you make your 40 man requirement. So unless you think there’s a chance another team will seek to acquire a $1 60 day IL player that you cut, just keep him on your roster.

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For the record: I do not think it is unreasonable to ask for the commish to add that $1 player back to your roster and give you a chance to cut someone else to get legal. It can snowball pretty annoyingly when you add an inadvertent $1 cap penalty into the mix.

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it was always $0? Could have sworn it used to give you $1.

so even cutting two $2 players at this point wouldnt help, I need to cut one player that is $4 or more?

Cutting a $1 player absolutely have never given anyone $1 back in any Ottoneu game unless its done in the offseason when there aren’t cap penalties.


This is why I’d try to get that $1 player back on your team - gets simpler once you don’t have that $1 cap penalty on the books.

I suggest using a spreadsheet to plan out roster cuts when you’re right up against the cap because it’s easy to mess it up even if you understand the rules.

I’ll just open a spreadsheet and make something like this:

Action Change–Roster Spots Change–Salary Cap New–Roster Spot New-Salary Cap
Starting Balance 40 $399
Add Player A 1 $4 41 $403
Cut Player B -1 -$2 40 $401
Cut Player C -1 -$2 39 $399

If I didn’t go thru the exercise of writing it out, I might make the mistake of thinking Player C could be a $2 player. Since that would take me to $400, right? No, the roster would still be illegal because I only have 39 spots filled. I made this sort of mistake a couple of times in my first year or so of playing Ottoneu and finally made the commitment to just jot it down to make sure that I’m not missing something when planning out a roster cut with tight cap space.

I’d also be sure to carefully review the note that pops up when you do cuts, it will tell you if your roster will be legal before you confirm.