Is 24 hours the right auction length?

Question for the community - does anyone feel like the 24 hour football auctions are proving to be too short? In theory, I agreed with this change - if a guy gets ruled out saturday, i need to be able to replace him without waiting two days. but in practice, I feel like I often don’t get around to even looking at the ongoing auctions before they are over.

In the last ten auctions in my league, only 3 have >1 bid, and none have >2. My concern is that the auctions should be driving players to a rough market value, but if 24 hours is not enough time for people to fully engage, then that is not what is happening.

I am not sure the solution, but before putting too much thought into alternatives, I figured I would first see if there is even an issue or it is just me.

I’d venture a guess that the lack of bids has less to do with people not seeing the auctions in time, and more to do with less experienced players not being aggressive in bidding, unless you’re noticing this among veterans as well.

Plus a lot of players being put up for auction now may be filler type players. Have you noticed more bids on more notable players? Or low activity on “hot” players as well?

We had some more active auctions last night. I think the lack of bidding is because of the type of player being auctioned now. Will be interested to see what happens if someone in a very good role gets nominated.

yeah, this seems to be the case. I posted here mostly to see what kind of reaction I got. Obviously the small sample size of auctions in our league could have been nothing or could have been an early signal of an unintended consequence of quicker auctions. seeing as there is not wide-spread concern, clearly, I am inclined to agree with your assessment - people were just generally happy with their rosters and are just now starting to act more as more interesting pieces come up and as more end-of-the-roster types become easy drops.

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