Is an Ottoneu App in the works?

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Just wondering…Was away on a trip last week, and it was so easy to get my lineup ready for my other platforms.


There currently is no plans for a mobile app, but there are plans to improve the mobile experience.

What parts of updating your lineup on other platforms was easier than Ottoneu? Were they because of the app, or because of the mobile web experience on the Ottoneu site? I think mobile lineup setting has improved for Ottoneu, but I am certain there are plenty of more improvements that can be made.

The main reasons there are no plans to create a mobile app is the amount of money it would cost and the requirement to maintain multiple codebases, instead of the one codebase currently powering Ottoneu. We’re a single-person (me!) shop, so maintaining separate iOS, Android, and web experiences is currently too much for me, especially given how quickly I try to move to add features and fix bugs.

Perhaps if Ottoneu grows more, this can be revisited, but I still think 90% of the gap between the Ottoneu experience and Yahoo can be bridged by improvements to the existing web platform.


Definitively setting a lineup is way easier in the Espn and yahoo apps. No sideways scrolling needed there. I find that I need to zoom in and out tons to see who is playing on my mobile, specially on days where there are double headers and everything expands. Even on an Iphone 7 plus, I have to move sideways a lot to know what’s going on.

Thanks for answering.


Reminds me of something I forgot about, actually!

I set up a Yahoo league just so I can do some comparison between mobile experiences. If you want to help improve the mobile experience for Ottoneu, all you have to do is visit the sign up link. The league is auto-draft and I’m mostly going to use it to check out the mobile app experience and see how Ottoneu’s mobile experience can be improved.

4 slots left!


I wish I had time to help but I’m stretched too thin at work lately. One thing I know with the other sites is that you know who is starting without having to scroll.

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Guys - just want to chime in here before I start a new thread with this request. (Not sure if this will be seen since I am late to the party).

I think the biggest issue right now with the site (accessing on a mobile device) is the fact that you can’t see a player’s line-up status without scrolling over. We have to scroll over to see a player’s roster status. Why can’t we fix that by swapping the “team” column with the “opponent” column, or just by combining the team column with the “name” column?

I do not need to know that Evan Gattis is still on “HOU,” I just want to see his status for today’s game without scrolling over.


That was absolutely my takeaway from @Miguel’s comment. I’ll be able to make this change very soon!

If there are other thoughts about the mobile experience, please continue to use this thread!


One solution that I would think should not need layout changes is just changing the color of the players names if they are starting. My limited coding experience tells me that fix should be simpler than moving tables around.


I’ve pushed out a small change that hopefully makes it easier to see who is starting and sitting on mobile devices without requiring any side scrolling.


THANKS MAN!..looking sweet!

Has the lineup page changed?

just wondering… would be very helpful in attracting new owners


IMHO, the marginal benefit of a distinct app over the mobile functionality of the Ottoneu website is far smaller than the marginal cost to Niv in order to create and maintain it.