Is Devers worth trading for at $19?

I was offered David Dahl ($6) for Devers ($19). I know Dahl has a ton of questions about his health and I’m not attached to him but wondering if Devers is too over priced.

Are there any other players that the owner has you’d prefer to Dahl?

My bad, I have Dahl he offered me devers, I am in need of a 3B and loaded at OF, also looking at Jordan Montegomery ($3). Think Devers may be a bit over priced.

Devers is a bit expensive and I personally think 3B is pretty deep. I would hold for another two weeks and shop Dahl pretty hard. If you have zero takers, you may get your answer on how to move forward.

Yeah, we’re on the same page, appreciate the input.

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